Advanced Port Scanner2024-02-03T20:26:15+00:00

The Advanced Port Scanner will test your system for open ports that can be used in attacks on your computer.

You can select which scanning technique will be used during the test from the following:

  • TCP connect scanning (standard)
  • TCP SYN scanning

You can also select what ports of your system you want to scan: desired ports or range of ports, typical vulnerable and Trojan ports, 20 random ports or All ports

The test begins when you click on “Start Test”.


By clicking the button “Start Test” you confirm your consent of the following statements:

  • Your computer will be scanned and checked by our scanner;
  • The results of your test will remain confidential and will not be given to any third party;
  • The test does not give a sound basis for legal claims of irreversible consequences to your computer;