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Welcome to the PC Flank's Leaktests Information Page

On this page, you'll find introductory information about all existing leaktests, along with aggregate firewalls' pass stats against those tests. At the end of the page you will find an advanced leaktests information page explaining leaktests in detail and providing extensive breakdown of firewalls' performance when they are subjected to leaktests. Please note that only commercial firewalls participate in the testing, and some pre-Windows2000 tests have now been revoked. Firewalls are being tested at default configurations; higher level of security for participating firewalls might yield better results.

Leaktests catalog

The following table provides a brief summary of all known Windows XP & 2000 - compatible leaktests. Actual as of October 19, 2006

Name Version Homepage Direct Download
Atelier Web Firewall Tester (AWFT) 3.2 Download Now
Breakout #1 1.0 N/A Download Now
Breakout #2 1.0 N/A Download Now
Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test (CPIL) 1.0 Download Now
Copycat 1.0 N/A Download Now
DNS tester 1.0 Download Now
Firehole 1.01 Download Now
Ghost 1.1 Download Now
Jumper 1.0 Download Now
LeakTest 1.2 Download Now
MBtest 1.0 N/A Download Now
pcAudit 6.3 Download Now
PCFlank Leaktest 1.0 Download Now
Surfer 1.1 N/A Download Now
Thermite 1.0 N/A Download Now
TooLeaky 1.0 Download Now
WallBreaker 4.0 Download Now
YALTA 1.0 Download Now

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